q       Lawn is well cut and neatly trimmed

q       Flower garden and shrubs, trimmed – dead branches eliminated

q       Debris disposed of - toys & lawn equipment neatly stored

q       Fences and gates in working order

q       Roof, gutters and downspout in good repair

q       Driveways and sidewalks washed down

q       Windows and windowsills washed.  Torn screens replaced

q       Front door clean or freshly painted.  Door knobs polished

q       Doorbell and front lights in good working order


q       Walls are clean

q       Mirrors are cleaned

q       Badly worn furniture temporarily stored

q       The home is free from as much clutter as possible

q       Curtains and drapes freshly laundered or cleaned

q       Rugs and carpets are shampooed; floors waxed

q       Loose doorknobs, sticking doors, windows and warped drawers are repaired

q       Leaky faucets repaired

q       Loose stair banisters tightened and steps are free of objects

q       Light fixtures in good working order

q       Closets and shelves are organized and display spaciousness

q       Bathrooms are sparkling clean.  Tub and shower caulking repaired

q       Bedrooms are neat

q       Kitchen is sparking, clean and tidy, including cupboards, stove and oven

q       Garage and attic are well organized

q       Important personal items temporarily stored

 Final Tips

Good lighting will make your home seem more cheery and spacious.   During the day, drapes & blinds are open.  In the evening, plenty of lights are on, including exterior lights.

Bad odors should be eliminated, especially if you have pets.

Fresh flowers are always pleasing - but don't choose overpowering blooms.